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Choose from Our Range of Perfectly-Designed Services

Our passion is giving you peace of mind knowing your pets will be well-cared for in the familiar surrounding of home.  Whether you work long hours, or plan a much-deserved vacation, we'll look after your pets, with lots of love and care.

With years of industry experience under our belt, our cat sitting, dog sitting, dog walking, puppy visits, pet medical care, small pet sitting, house sitting, and hobby farm sitting services fit most requirements. We're also keen to accommodate special requests for pet care services not listed. We come to your home, so your pet stays in a safe & healthy environment, while we maintain each pet's routine!

Group of pets


Sensible Pet Care Solutions that are easy on your pocket!

From daily visits, to dog walking, and overnight stays, we endeavour to provide the most sensible and personalized pet sitting and pet care services to our clients. We provide services on a daily, monthly or ‘need-be’ basis and always endeavour to find a solution that meets your needs.

While the cost for our services varies accordingly to the type and number of pets you own, and the category and frequency of service opted for, we strive to offer you the best rates within the industry with our continuous promise of quality care and standards of excellence.

It is our ultimate goal to earn your trust, build a rapport with every pet we care for, and to provide you with the peace of mind that you have been looking for!


Meet & Greet Consultation

Meet & Greet Consultation

This initial meeting is required the first time you use our services. The consultation gives us the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your requirements, tour your home, review the necessary documents, obtain your keys and deposit, and most importantly, establish a rapport with your pet(s)!

Initial consultation
30 to 45 minutes: $22

Cat Sitting

This is one of our most popular services. Cat lovers know cats are independent and prefer to stay at home, but need daily care for fresh food & water, to be brushed & played with, and have the litter box cleaned. Easy, simple - a great reliable service if you're going away, count on us.

15 minutes: $16.50
30 minutes: $22
45 minutes: $30.25
60 minutes: $38.50

Dog Sitting

Dog lovers know dogs are social creatures that need daily interaction and prefer to stay at home. Dogs are - after all - territorial. If you're working late, we can help with one drop-in visit. If you're planning to go away, three daily visits are common: morning let-out, late afternoon walk, and evening let-out. We'll give fresh food & water, play and give lots of LTC.

15 minutes: $16.50
30 minutes: $22
45 minutes: $30.25
60 minutes: $38.50

Dog Walking

This is one of our most popular services. Dogs need walks for exercise & mental stimulation & elimination & training; outdoors, they can sniff & engage with their environment, and socialize outside the home. If you're unable to walk your dog, like many others because of work, this is the perfect service for you! We come to your home & provide individual walks, one-on-one playtime, on a schedule that meets your needs and those of your dog.

15 minutes: $16.50
30 minutes: $22
45 minutes: $30.25
60 minutes: $38.50

Puppy Visits

Growing puppies need to eat & drink more often than adult dogs, and - because of this - need more bathroom breaks. If your schedule keeps you busy, let us help! We'll come to your home & provide bathroom breaks, playtime, and feed your puppy on a schedule that suits your needs and those of your puppy.

15 minutes: $16.50
30 minutes: $22
45 minutes: $30.25
60 minutes: $38.50

Medical Care

One of the only pet care companies that offers this level of service! For aging or ill pets with more serious medical conditions that need advanced medical care: from insulin administration, subcutaneous fluid therapy, to bladder expression. Rates vary based on complexity of care to be given.

15 minutes: $16.50
30 minutes: $22
45 minutes: $30.25
60 minutes: $38.50

Small Pet Sitting

Rabbits, birds, reptiles, fishes - and any other pet that isn't a child needs lovin' too! We have a sitter to provide care when you need help. From a one-time visit to as many as many visits as you like, we'll come to your home to feed, clean enclosures, administer meds, and give lots of TLC!

15 minutes: $16.50
30 minutes: $22
45 minutes: $30.25
60 minutes: $38.50

House Sitting

When you'll be away for some time and need someone to come and check on your house and your things, let us visit your house to ensure everything is safe and secure. Many insurance companies require security checks to your home once every 48 hours.  Let us protect the integrity and security of the interior and exterior of your home on a regular schedule that suits your needs, and meets your insurance obligations.

15 minutes: $16.50
30 minutes: $22
45 minutes: $30.25
60 minutes: $38.50

Hobby Farm Sitting

Going on vacation? Taking a horse to an event? Need someone at the barn for the farrier or vet? Working long hours and need help with your hobby farm? We can come to your home to feed, refill water, muck stalls, administer medication, groom, exercise/play with your hobby farm pets, and give them lots of attention ... all while you're away!

15 minutes: $16.50
30 minutes: $22
45 minutes: $30.25
60 minutes: $38.50

Ready Key Program

Ready Key Enrollment Form

This program is for clients who anticipate using our services more than once. Enrolling in this program means that you would provide us with 2 set of keys to your home, and we would keep them on file securely, to be used each time you reserve our services. This eliminates the need for key pick up and drop-off charges.

  • 2 easy steps to enroll

    1. Complete this form, then click the ENROLL button.
    2. Make the necessary arrangements with your sitter to provide him/her with at least 2 keys or 2 sets of keys to your residence.
    Once we receive your enrollment form, we will update your file and invoice you the the enrollment fee, plus HST.
    For more information: Rates
    Thank you for choosing Loving Paws & House Sitting.
  • 1 Personal information

    If you do not provide an email address, we may be unable to respond. It would be helpful if you could provide your exact street address to help us properly file the form.
  • Contact info during day:

  • Contact info during evening:

  • 2 Keys

  • 3 Terms and conditions

    I request enrollment in the Ready-Key Program (the Program) by completing and submitting this online enrollment form.

    As a participant in the Program, I agree to provide Loving Paws & House Sitting (LP&HS) two (2) keys (or two (2) sets of keys) to my residence.

    When not used for making a service visit to my home, I understand that my keys will be kept in a secure, lockable key box.

    I understand that LP&HS, its employees, and sub-contractors, will take every precaution to safeguard and protect the identity of the keys to my residence.

    I further understand that LP&HS offers this Program so that it may have immediate, hassle-free access to my residence and/or pet(s), which is advantageous to me if: 1) I register in any of the following LP&HS programs: Fitness for Paws, Puppy Paws Breaks, or Special Medical Care; and/or 2) I travel spontaneously, regularly, or frequently for work or pleasure.

    I further understand the importance of the need of LP&HS to keep a second key (or set of keys) to my residence since it will allow another sitter to provide continued care to my pet(s) and/or residence if my primary sitter becomes unable to perform his/her responsibilities because of illness, injury, personal emergency, inclement weather, vacation planned in advance, or unavailability for an assignment.

    I further understand that when I require the services of LP&HS, I will request them by telephone or by using the online Reservation Request form at

    I further understand that my enrollment in this Program may be terminated by me or LP&HS, and that such termination is subject to notice being served forty-eight (48) hours in advance.

    I further understand that my keys will be given back to me once my enrollment in this Program is terminated, and that I may be required to pay a key-return fee, plus HST, if I request to have the keys delivered to me.

    As a participant in this Program, I agree not to hold LP&HS liable for any loss, damage, or injury, of any kind, to my pet(s) or property, which may occur during periods when I am not under written or oral contract with LP&HS.
  • 4 Enroll

Online Diary Notes

Loving Paws & House Sitting

Part of our service involves leaving hand-written notes in your home so you may read them when you return. Online and Text Diary Notes allow you to remotely verify that each visit has been completed and read heartfelt notes about what happened during the visit.

Online Diary Notes are provided through our online system which you login to view them. Text Diary Notes are for clients who prefer to receive their notes texted to their mobile device.

Register by Clicking here. We will email you a temporary password (your username is the email address we have on file for you).

Note for 1 visit per day: $3.30
Notes for 2 visits per day: $5.50

We would gladly accommodate other weekly schedules.

Additional Fees

Additional Pets

Our standard rates apply to 1 pet only.

A surcharge applies based on the type and number of additional pets you have, above 1, and serves to compensate for our additional responsibility and increased liability.

Additional Dogs

1 Dogs $5.50
2 Dogs $8.25
3 Dogs $9.63

Additional Cats

1 Cats $3.30
2 Cats $4.95
3 Cats $5.78

Small animals

1 Small animals $2.20
2 Small animals $3.30
3 Small animals $3.85

Additional Time

When visits need to be more than 60 minutes.

Each additional 15 minutes$8.25+Rate may be higher if medical care is required.

Additional Driving

Additional driving distance fee$1.30 per kmApplies when a sitter drives more than 15 km, one way, to reach your home.

Special Programs

Pet medical $22+Rate may be higher based on the complexity and duration of medical care required.
Home arrival $22 per hourAny purchase made as part of this service must be reimbursed, as must the cost for additional driving that may apply.
Dental care$16.50+Rate may be higher based on how much time is needed with your pet.
Plants & garden$16.50+Rate may be higher depending on how much time is required.


Enrollment in ready key $11This is a one-time fee.
Enroll so you won't have the hassle or cost of future key pick up or drop off.
Key pick-up
Key drop-off
$11Applies every time we need to drive to reach you for a key exchange.


Holiday surchargex 1.5 reg. ratesThe 50% surcharge applies to all rates for services we provide on a holiday.

Early Or Late Visit / Overnight Stay

Visits before 8AM or after 8PM surcharge$11Surcharge applies when, at your request, we visit before or after our regular hours of service.
Overnight stay$82.50We will stay in your home with your pet(s) for a minimum of 12 hours.

Additional, Unscheduled Visit

The following are surcharges per visit.

Visit between 8AM & 8PM
Visit before 8AM, after 8PM
Surcharge may apply per visit when you notify us that you will be late returning home and ask for an additional, previously unscheduled visit.
No call from client$11Surcharge may apply per visit when you fail to notify us that you arrived home and we returned to your home to continue sitting as if you had not arrived.


Online diary notes$3.30
Notes for 1 visit per day.
Notes for 2 or more visits per day.
Last-minute bookings$22Last-minute means within 3 days of the start of an assignment. Fee only applies if sitter is already heavily booked.
Clean up of small animal crate, cage, or fish tank$16.50Applies to each 15 minutes required to clean.
Clean up of excessive pet elimination$5.50 per 5 minutesRate fluctuates with the amount of time needed to clean-up an accident.
Aggressive pet behaviour assessed per visit$5.50
Emergency trips to the veterinarian hospital$22 per hourAll emergencies that arise outside the regular business hours of your regular veterinarian will be taken to the Alta Vista Animal Hospital for immediate care.
Pet sitting in a sitter's home$50.60 per dayYour pet stays in the home of one of our sitters.

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