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Cat Sitting

Cats get lonely too! See what we can do.

Cat sitting is one of our most popular services. Cat lovers know cats are independent and prefer to stay at home, but need daily care for fresh food & water, to be brushed & played with, and have the litter box cleaned. Easy, simple - this is the perfect cat sitting service if you're going away. Count on us.



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Buy 3 Get 2 More at 50% Off
Let us walk your dog, sit your pet, or test drive our service: no condition.
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Our cat sitting services

Most clients leaving home ask us to visit once per day.

  • Budget: 15-minutes: water & food, litter clean, TLC, home-inspection.
  • Popular: 30-minutes: Budget + added playtime & TLC.
  • Cat's Meow: 45-60-minutes: Popular + chores around the home.

For cats needing medical care, we can visit up to 4x per day.

Unsure what duration & frequency to choose? We can help.

medical help

Our medical cat sitting services include basic med care, e.g. giving a pill or applying a cream / ointment.

Additional fee applies for advanced med care:

  • changing bandages,
  • cold/warm compresses,
  • Fentanyl patch removal,
  • cleaning wounds,
  • expressing the bladder,
  • expressing anal glands
  • administering insulin,
  • massages/physiotherapy,
  • subcutaneous fluid therapy,
  • peg tube feeding,
  • sutures removal.

Regular Pricing

15 minutes: $ 22.00
30 minutes: $ 27.50
45 minutes: $ 35.75
60 minutes: $ 44.00

Minutes = time spent at your home.

Prices shown are for 1 cat. Medical care not included. Please visit our Pet Medical Care page for rates

Cat Sitting
Cat Sitting
Price: $17.33
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Bulk e-Diary Notes (5, 10, up to 30)
Bulk e-Diary Notes (5, 10, up to 30)
After each visit, get at text or online mgs (login here req'd).
Price: $13.13
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Online purchases subject to 5% processing fee, which are included in cart rates.

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