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If you anticipate being satisfied with our services and think you will use our services more than once, then we highly recommend that you enroll in this program - it is by far our most popular.

Enrolling in this program means that you give us 2 keys to your home and we simply keep them and use them as needed; e.g. if we provide ongoing services like fitness for paws (dog walks) or daily puppy paws breaks, or when you leave on that spontaneous weekend getaway.

If we have a Service Agreement signed by you, then it has all the information we need about how to care for your pet(s); and if we have your home key because you enrolled in this program, all you need to do when you need us is to complete and submit our online reservation request form. We take care of the rest - it's that easy, quick, and hassle-free. You need a sitter, and you can count on us.

A few simple steps
  1. During the meet and greet consultation, your sitter completes the Service Agreement with you and records details of the services you need.

You must enroll in this program if you intend to use our ongoing services, e.g. for dog walks (fitness for paws), to let your puppy out for a mid-day break (puppy paws breaks), to give your pet ongoing medical care such as insulin injections, or for last-minute reservations.

  1. To enroll, complete and submit our online Ready Key Enrollment form (or complete a printed form that your sitter can provide), and give us 2 keys or 2 sets of keys to your home (we need 2 in case of an accidental lock out or if your sitter is unavailable due to an illness or emergency).

    If you live in an apartment building and are unable to provide us with 2 sets of keys, someone (e.g. family, friend, neighbour, landlord) must be available to let us in if we are accidentally locked out.

  2. We take your keys, tag them with a code (to protect against being linked to your home address), and securely store them in a lockable, secure key box.

  3. We invoice you the enrollment fee, which by the way is equal to the cost of one key pick-up or one key drop-off.

  4. We now have immediate, hassle-free access to your home and the documentation we need to properly care for your home and/or pet(s) when you need us.

  5. You then only need to complete and submit our online reservation request form when you need our services again.

  6. We take care of the rest.

Why you should enrol

No need to pay to have your keys picked up or dropped off for future assignments.

No need to coordinate with us to have your keys picked up or dropped off for future assignments.


No need to phone around to find a pet/home sitter when you want to get away spontaneously.

Call us, instead of an expensive locksmith, to let you into your home if you've accidentally locked yourself out (photo ID with the correct address will need to be shown).

We require that you be enrolled in Ready Key if using any of these ongoing services:

fitness for paws
puppy paws beaks
medical care
last-minute fit-in

Our key policy

To find out how seriously we treat handling your keys, read our key policy. It outlines the precautions that we take, our responsibilities, and what we do in special situations, including if we need the services of a locksmith.


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