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Your feedback is important to us

Despite our best efforts, we know there is always room for improvement, so we welcome and encourage your feedback. Please tell us how we're doing and what we could do to better satisfy your expectations by completing this online form (anonymously if you prefer), or simply call / write.     Providing this online feedback form is a key component of our quality assurance and standards of excellence commitment.

How would you rate us?


1. Name (optional)
2. Home email (optional)
3a. How did you hear about us?

3b. If "Other" in 3a, please specify:

4. Name(s) of sitter(s)


5. Quality and navigability of website? 

6. Quality and clarity of our quote or reservation confirmation?

7. Quality of our forms, cards, agreements?

8. Quality of completed Diary Notes and the Daily Checklist?

9. Value & benefit of an Emergencies Handbook for the sitter? 

10. Clarity of information relating to our policies & procedures?

11. Clarity of information on our rates?

12. Clarity of our invoicing?

13. Quality of our communications (emails, telephone)?


14. Was sitter punctual for Meet & Greet?

15. Was sitter's appearance professional during Meet & Greet?

16. Sitter was informative, and answered questions?

17. Sitter made effort to bond with pet(s) at Meet & Greet.

18. Overall impression of sitter after the Meet & Greet.

19. To your knowledge and for each visit, did the sitter(s)
 arrive at your requested start time or within your
 requested start-time range?

20. To your knowledge and for each visit, did the sitter(s) stay
 for your requested duration(s)?

21. To your knowledge, did the sitter(s) make every visit?


22. Quality of pet care services?

23. Quality of home care services?

24. Crime-deterrent value of our services?


25. About our integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness?

26. About our professionalism?

27. About our Quality Assurance and Standards of Excellence?

28. Did Loving Paws & House Sitting meet your expectations?

29. Would you recommend our services?

30. Value for money for our services?


31. Would you be willing to provide a testimonial for our website or a reference for your sitter to include in his/her work binder?




33. Would you like us to respond to any concern you raised on this form? If yes, please be sure to include your name or email address above, and know that we may need some time to consult with our sitter(s) - we will respond.



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