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Quality Assurance

Our commitment to you so we can earn your trust

  LP Quality Assurance LogoBecause we know a pet is an important member of a family and that your pet, your home, and your belongings are very dear to you, our quality assurance ― standards of excellence commitment is our effort to demonstrate why you can trust us to help you care for them. Our commitment involves the following components:


  Conducting business with honesty and truthfulness. Observing all laws pertaining to business operation, and to animal care. Remaining fully insured and bonded. Adhering to a professional code of conduct. Refraining from criticizing competitors. Keeping our membership active and in good standing with the leading, professional pet sitting organization: Pet Sitting International. Honouring our rates. Never invoicing for services that were not delivered or cancelled with enough notice.


  Publishing clear and up-to-date information about our services, rates, and policies and procedures. Using quality documents to clearly convey the information that you need to know. Publishing testimonials, meaning references from our clients.


  Providing you with a detailed and correct quote for our services. Going to your home before making our first sitting visit so that we can meet with you and introduce ourselves to your pet(s), and also obtain the exact information we need to care for your pet(s) and home; we call this meeting the meet & greet consultation.


  Taking care when walking your dog: we will not jaywalk, cross against traffic lights or signs, step off a sidewalk unless traffic is stopped, keep a long leash when crossing a street, walk without a leash in an off-leash area, exceed the maximum # of dogs one sitter can walk; and we will stoop and scoop. Reporting any instance of animal abuse to authorities, and observing the safety of animals under our care, control and custody at all times. Establishing your whereabouts if it appears you are delayed from arriving home, and continuing our service until we hear from you. Never withdrawing our service without adequately notifying you, unless providing it is an immediate threat to us or another animal in our care.


  Carefully screening each applicant before he or she becomes a sitter with us. Giving our new sitters extensive training and regular, ongoing support.
  Publishing and keeping regular telephone hours and office hours. Answering your questions, concerns, and complaints promptly. Making the visits that we said we would make, starting them on time, and doing them for the full duration.
  Recognizing that we can always do better, and providing you with a way to rate our services, directly or anonymously and encouraging you to do so.
  Being fully trained in First Aid & CPR. Knowing and following the procedures outlined in our Emergencies Handbook our plan on how to deal with the majority of pet illnesses or injuries. Having 24/7 access to medical expertise for pets. Using the services of a licensed Veterinarian for a pet medical emergency either your Veterinarian, or a Veterinarian at the Alta Vista Animal Hospital if yours is not available.
  Taking every precaution to ensure your absence from home is not detected because of a careless action or disclosure by our sitter. Respecting your pets, home, and possessions while providing our services. Never willfully acting in a manner that would threaten the safety and security of your pets, home, and possessions. Taking precautions to secure and protect the privacy of information we've collected about you, your pets, your home, and our sitters. Never using an image or identifying information about you, your pet or your home, without your express written permission.


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