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Puppies need to eat at least 3 times a day, and to drink lots of water. This puts stress on their under-developed bowels and bladders, which is why they need to be let out more frequently than adult dogs. Pups also need to be socialized early on to help them learn not be afraid of other animals, people or things. If your schedule keeps you too busy, let us help you help your new pup.


We can help your puppy get off to a great start with personalized loving care, and all the individual attention and focus that a puppy requires. From bathroom breaks to brushing teeth or to reinforcing training, this service offers a one-stop shop to help you cope during those early months when your puppy eats and drinks more often, needs to eliminate more often, and learns and grows so much.

Puppies left alone at home can't be expected to 'hold it' all day, and when that happens they often learn that it's okay to eliminate in the house. This can cause house training to be much more difficult and take longer than necessary to correct.

We add value to this service

>  The drive to and from your home for each puppy break.

>  Plenty of tender, loving care.

>  Playtime with favorite toys or activities.

>  Outside time for elimination and exercise.

>  Daily reports that chart the activities and health of your puppy.

>  Fresh food and water, and clean up of bowls and of the feeding and watering area.

>  Administration of medications.

>  Clean up of small accidents, including in the crate, (see "Clean up of excessive pet elimination" under "Other" on our Rates page for big accidents).

>  Our Veterinarian Notification Card (see "Pet Medical and the Veterinarian Notification Card", under the "Emergencies" section of our Procedures page).

>  Basic obedience training that is based on positive reinforcement methods.

>  Actions that are supportive and that reinforce efforts already undertaken in puppy training classes, if applicable.

>  Introduction to daily brushing to imprint a positive experience at an early age (see our Dental Care Service). 

Why choose puppy paws breaks

Allows for diligent giving of regular and frequent access to the potty area, supported by rewards and praise every time the pup goes in the right place.

Helps introduce your pup to new experiences (e.g. brushing teeth), people, animals, sights, and sounds outside the home... ensuring each is pleasant and non-threatening. 

Helps your puppy build endurance, agility, and to develop the fine motor control needed for a flowing gait. Also helps build some muscle mass, and strength.

Can help reinforce what was learned in puppy training class, which serves to ensure your puppy succeeds better in class, and it helps reduce overall home training time.   

Let us take your pup out from its crate out midday, which helps it learn that the crate is not a prison but a safe place from which it is regularly released.

5 simple steps
  1. If you're a new client (you never used our services before) send us a Quote request. A returning client (you used our services before) needs to send us a Reservation request.

  2. We'll respond by emailing a detailed Quote to a new client, or a Reservation confirmation to a returning client

  3. If you're a new client, you need to inform us that you accept our Quote. A returning client does not need to accept the Reservation confirmation.

  4. The sitter we assign will contact you to schedule a Meet & Greet and/or prepare for the assignment. A Meet & Greet is required for new clients. Returning clients can opt out.

  5. Once you sign the Professional Sitting Service Agreement, give us a deposit  and the keys to your home, our service visits can start (if you are a new client, you must give a completed Veterinarian Notification Card to your Vet. before our first visit).

Ready Key

If you plan on using this service more than once, we strongly  recommend you sign up for Ready Key for the many advantages it provides you.

We offer flexibility

>  Mid-day visits are best for this service.

>  From 1 day a week to 7, and in any combination, e.g., every Tuesday and Thursday.

>  Normally occur between 8 AM and 8 PM (visits before 8 AM or after 8 PM, or overnight, are possible).

>  Common durations are 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes (longer visits, adding 15-minute increments, are possible)

>  1 to 4 visits per day are common (more are possible).

>  Any start time for a visit is possible.

>  Frequency, duration, and start times of visits are guided by the number of pups, and what each needs.


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