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Checking in or out of a Veterinarian hospital/clinic with your pet when a medical situation is involved can be overwhelming, and ensuring your pet receives accurate and timely post-discharge care that your Veterinarian prescribed can be daunting. If you need support at the Vet hospital/clinic, or if you find that giving medical care to your pet is intimidating, complicated, time consuming, or unnerving, give us a call. Providing you with medical support and giving pets rehabilitative care are services in which we specialize.


It's not hard to imagine how difficult it can be when you are alone with your pet at a hospital/clinic and facing a medical emergency. This service is for those who need support to bring their beloved pet to a Veterinarian hospital/clinic; it is also for those who do not want their pet to be alone but want them to have loving attention and companionship when in the hospital/clinic.


This service is for those who need help at home with any of the following (mouse-over for info):

changing bandages,

cold/warm therapy,

Fentanyl patch removal,

cleaning wounds,

expressing the bladder,

administering insulin,


subcutaneous fluid therapy,

peg tube feeding, and

sutures removal.

We add value to this service

>  The drive to and from your home to provide care.

>  Plenty of tender, loving care.

>  Playtime with favorite toys or activities.

>  Short walks or let out in the yard for elimination.

>  Daily reports that chart the activities and health of your pet(s) to help you know what happened when you were away. Online reports are available (see Online Diary Notes).

>  Fresh food and water at times specified by you.

>  Grooming, if enjoyed by your pet(s).

>  Daily cleaning up of feeding and watering area and bowls.

>  Cleaning up of litter box and/or cage during each visit.

>  Administration of medications.

>  Cleaning up of small accidents (see "Clean up of excessive pet elimination" under "Other" on our Rates page for big accidents).

>  Watering of a few plants (see "Additional Time" on our Rates page for many plants).

>  Taking trash and recycling bins to curb, and returning them to the home.

>  Providing a daily checklist of tasks completed, and an end-of-assignment report card that grades the behaviour of each pet.

>  Our Veterinarian Notification Card see "Pet Medical and the Veterinarian Notification Card", under the "Emergencies" section of our Procedures page).

Bringing mail, newspapers, and packages into your home.

Alternating turning on and off of lights.

Opening and closing window treatments.

>  Opening and closing the television and/or radio.

>  Moving your vehicle(s).

>  Completing a visual security inspection during each visit.

For puppies receiving this service as part of our Puppy Paws Breaks service, having teeth cleaned at an early age imprints a positive experience.

Why choose special medical care

HOSPITAL ASSISTANCE - we provide support and companionship during stressful times.
POST-DISCHARGE CARE - we provide superior service based on first-hand and in-depth experience and knowledge.

We ensure the proper medications are administered correctly, when required, and in doses prescribed by the Veterinarian. We have never missed a treatment.

Spend quality time with your pet instead of spending time fussing over administration of medical treatments.

Know that, if something is not right with your pet's recovery because it is not healing as planned, your sitter is in a position to detect it and to act immediately. 

We have a solid working relationships and maintain ongoing communications with the majority of Veterinarian clinics/hospitals in each community where we provide our services

5 simple steps

For hospital assistance, please call us.

  1. For post-discharge care, if you're a new client (you never used our services before) send us a Quote request. A returning client (you used our services before) needs to send us a Reservation request.

  2. We'll respond by emailing a detailed Quote to a new client, or a Reservation confirmation to a returning client

  3. If you're a new client, you need to inform us that you accept our Quote. A returning client does not need to accept the Reservation confirmation.

  4. The sitter we assign will contact you to schedule a Meet & Greet and/or prepare for the assignment. A Meet & Greet is required for new clients. Returning clients can opt out.

  5. Once you sign the Professional Sitting Service Agreement, give us a deposit  and the keys to your home, our service visits can start (if you are a new client, you must give a completed Veterinarian Notification Card to your Vet. before our first visit).

Ready Key

If you plan on using this service more than once, we strongly  recommend you sign up for Ready Key for the many advantages it provides you.

We offer flexibility

For hospital assistance, please call us.

>  From 1 day a week to 7, and in any combination, e.g., every Tuesday and Thursday.

>  Normally occur between 8 AM and 8 PM (visits before 8 AM or after 8 PM, or overnight, are possible).

>  Common durations are 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes (longer visits, adding 15-minute increments, are possible)

>  1 to 4 visits per day are common (more are possible).

>  Any start time for a visit is possible.

>  Frequency, duration, and start times of visits are guided by the type and number of pets, and their needs.




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