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If you’re travelling for business or pleasure – for a weekend getaway to a winter stay down south, don’t let your home advertise that you’re gone for a long time. Part of the joy of travelling is knowing that you’ll be able to return to a safe, secure, and welcoming home. Let us help you!


This service protects the integrity and security of the interior and exterior of your home on a regular schedule that you set and can be extensively tailored to suit your needs.

We can photograph any condition requiring corrective action (e.g. interior/exterior appearance, contractor performance, vandalism, storm damage), and send the photo(s) to you by email or mobile text.

We add value to this service

>  The drive to and from your home for each security check.

>  Checking the overall security of your home.

>  Preparing reports (e.g. daily, weekly) that give you a full accounting of your home’s status - can be provided by telephone, email, online, or hardcopy.

>  Reporting any condition that may need attention.

>  Bringing in mail, flyers, newspapers and/or packages.


>  Picking up mail from post office.*

Informing you of mail you received – and following instructions you may provide on how you would like it dealt with.

Credit card companies typically give card holders a 30-day limit to challenge an unauthorized purchase. If you don’t have access to your purchases statement online, we can arrange to provide it to you.   

>  Forwarding mail, faxes and/or important documents and/or packages.*

* Driving fee may applies, and any cost incurred to forward your mail must be reimbursed.


>  Inspecting overall interior condition of home.

>  Checking that security system is set.

>  Looking for signs of forced or unauthorized entry, theft or vandalism.  Immediately report wrongdoing.

>  Checking that all doors and windows are closed, securely locked, and are in good condition.

>  If any unusual odors are detected, initiating corrective action. 

>  Checking home for visual signs of insects or pests.

>  Checking all timer-activated interior lights for proper operation and bad bulbs; replacing burnt out bulbs with bulbs you supply.

>  Confirming the operation of your fridge, freezer, and other appliances.

>  Disposing of garbage and recycling.

>  Opening and closing the television, and/or radio.

>  Opening and closing windows and window treatments.

>  Listening to messages left on your answering machine and forwarding important messages to you.

>  Watering plants.

>  Assessing quality of maid/cleaning service performance.


>  Visually inspecting home signs of water damage.

Visually inspecting water service and all interior taps and faucets.

Checking that toilets are functioning properly. 

Checking washing machine and dishwasher.

Inspecting water heater and ensuring proper drainage.

Running water in all sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets to keep traps filled.

Pouring water in basement drain to keep trap filled.

Checking drains for signs of back up.

>  Inspecting under sinks and vanities.


Returning trash / recycling bins to home from street curb.

Visually inspecting home exterior for anything unusual.

>  Looking for signs of unauthorized intrusion, theft, or vandalism, and immediately contacting Police if required.

>  Checking all timer-activated exterior lights for proper operation and bad bulbs; replacing burnt out bulbs with bulbs you supply.

     YARD & LAWN

>  Ensuring your contractor clears snow from your walkway and/or driveway.

>  Ensuring your contractor cuts your grass.


>  Checking the spa in winter to ensure the breaker has not blown due to a power outage.


>  Starting each vehicle once a week and idling for approximately 20 minutes.

>  Checking for flat tires or air leaks.

>  Repositioning the vehicle(s) in your driveway.

Download our free vacation checklist to help you ensure you don't forget important steps before you leave your valuable home.   

Why choose home security visits

We strive to provide personalized care in a friendly, responsible, and reliable manner.
We'll take care of your home, possessions, vehicle(s), and yard as though they were
our own.

Relieve yourself from having to worry and feel stressed about your home and possessions, vehicle(s), and yard when you’re away for any duration of time, whether for pleasure, work, or if you’re moving to a new home.

You can choose from several visits per day to 1 visit per month, visits of any duration (15 minute minimum) that can start anytime of day, assignments that can be short-term or long-term, and the services that you need from our list of what’s included on the left.

Avoid imposing on friends, family, or neighbours; excessive damage from accidents like burst pipes, sewer backup, fridge/freezer/furnace malfunction, broken windows, etc.

Keeps track of each visit and gives you a full accounting of the status of your home either when you return, at scheduled intervals when you’re away or immediately when something requires your urgent attention.

Satisfy your insurance policy requirement that your home is being "checked" during your absence, which may need to be as often as every 48 hours or as little as monthly.

Check your home insurance policy. Coverage during a prolonged absence may require regular monitoring.

Sends a would-be thief or vandal the message that your home is “lived in” and not empty for a long time.

5 simple steps
  1. If you're a new client (you never used our services before) send us a Quote request. A returning client (you used our services before) needs to send us a Reservation request.

  2. We'll respond by emailing a detailed Quote to a new client, or a Reservation confirmation to a returning client

  3. If you're a new client, you need to inform us that you accept our Quote. A returning client does not need to accept the Reservation confirmation.

  4. The sitter we assign will contact you to schedule a Meet & Greet and/or prepare for the assignment. A Meet & Greet is required for new clients. Returning clients can opt out.

  5. Once you sign the Professional Sitting Service Agreement, give us a deposit, register for Ready Key, and give us the keys to your home, our service visits can start (if you are a new client, you must give a completed Veterinarian Notification Card toto your Vet. before our first visit).

We offer flexibility

>  From 1 day a week to 7, and in any combination, e.g., every Tuesday and Thursday. font>

>  Normally occur between 8 AM and 8 PM (visits before 8 AM or after 8 PM, or overnight, are possible).

>  Common durations are 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes (longer visits, adding 15-minute increments, are possible)

>  1 to 4 visits per day are common (more are possible).

>  Any start time for a visit is possible.

>  Frequency, duration, and start times of visits are guided by the type and number of pets, and their needs.



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