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One of the key components of our quality assurance - standards of excellence commitment is to provide the information on this page. Our goal is to be transparent, help you easily and quickly become informed about what to expect when doing business with us, and to demonstrate our professionalism.   If you have any questions about this information or about a topic we haven't covered below, please feel free to email us at or call our office at 613-266-2697 in Ottawa or 289-201-7819 in the GTA. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

What you need to know

  We guarantee the duration of each visit, and the number of visits per day. We also guarantee that the care will be provided by a skilled, reliable, and compassionate individual. If, however and for any reason, you are dissatisfied with our quality of service, we will do what is necessary to make it right and assure your satisfaction.
  We know your pet is an important member of your family and that it, your home, and your belongings are dear to you. Our 9-point quality assurance ― standards of excellence commitment is our effort to demonstrate why you can trust us to help you care for them.
  Despite our best efforts, we know there is always room for improvement and this is why we welcome and encourage your feedback on how we can improve our service delivery. We are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to voice your concerns regarding our services directly, or through our confidential service rating questionnaire which you can complete and submit anonymously.
  Choosing if you need fixed-time or ongoing services is easy.
  Means you need our services (usually every day) between two specific dates (usually close to one another, e.g. June 1 to 14) and typically because you are going away from home, e.g. on that much needed vacation.
  Means you need our services on a regular, recurring basis starting on any specific date, i.e. you are not really going away on that needed vacation, and continuing for a prolonged time (usually with no specific end date), and typically because you simply need our help to either walk your dog or let your puppy out during the middle of the day or late afternoon because you are away at work.
  You are a new client if you never used our services before and we don't have the necessary information on file to serve you. To proceed, you need to send us a quote request.
    Please use our online Quote request form. We reply by email to every quote request form we receive and provide a detailed, written quote each time. We will also gladly and quickly revise a quote if you request it. Whether you accept our quote or not, please be sure to reply to our email so we can be sure that you received it rather think it was blocked by a junk- or spam-email filter.
    If you are not certain about the service you need (e.g. how many visits per day, how long each visit should be, etc.) when you fill out the Quote request form, we've provided some tips throughout the form that are easily accessible by clicking ; feel free to call us if speaking with us would be easier for you.
    You are a returning client if you used our services before and we already have the necessary information on file to easily serve you again. To proceed, you need to send us a reservation request.
    Please use our online Reservation request form. Feel free to also email and/or call us if time is of the essence so that we know and can make every effort to quickly accommodate you. We confirm every reservation request by email or telephone, so please never assume that our services are confirmed if you did not hear from us - this is to ensure any pet left alone receives the necessary care. For an advanced reservation ("advanced" means 4 weeks or more before the start date of the assignment) we will email or telephone you the week before the assignment starts to reconfirm your reservation. If you do not receive our email or telephone call, please contact us. If you are not already registered in our Last-minute fit-in program, we would encourage you to make your reservation as soon as possible (at least 2 weeks before the assignment starts).
    If you are not certain about the service you need (e.g. how many visits per day, how long each visit should be, etc.) when you fill out the Reservation request form, we've provided some tips throughout the form that are easily accessible by clicking ; feel free to call us if speaking with us would be easier for you.
  We accept last-minute assignments routinely from returning and new clients, and can usually accommodate such requests quite easily. We consider a request for our services to be at the "last-minute" if it is made within 3 days of the start of an assignment. If you are a new client, a 3-day notice does not leave much time for a busy sitter to possibly "rearrange his/her schedule" and be in a position to accommodate your request, and to have a Meet & Greet consultation with you before he/she makes the first visit — a one-time fee applies for the Meet & Greet consultation. A one-time fee may apply for the last-minute request depending on the sitter's availability.
  We charge: a FEE PER VISIT, multiplied by the # of visits, plus any ASSESSED FEE(S), plus applicable taxes, for a TOTAL FEE. We honour our rates for all visits of the first assignment of a signed Agreement; those rates, however, may change without notification before the start of a subsequent assignment for which the Agreement would still apply.
  We conduct our business following ethical and honest practices. We advertise actual rates, publish and provide our rates upfront, and honour the rates we quote (an additional driving distance fee may apply if the sitter lives more than 15 km away from you, and it is subject to confirmation after the sitter drives to your home for the Meet & Greet consultation).
  We charge 50% surcharge for all services we provide on the following holidays:
● New Year's Day
● Family Day
● Good Friday
● Easter Monday
● Victoria Day
● Canada Day
● Civic Holiday (Ontario)
● Saint-Jean Baptiste
   Day (Québec)
● Labour Day
● Thanksgiving Day
● Remembrance Day
● Christmas Eve
● Christmas Day
● Boxing Day
● New Year's Eve
  When the driving distance from a sitter's home to your home exceeds 15 km, an additional driving distance fee applies on a per km basis; for example, if a sitter has to drive 16 km one way to reach your home, the fee charged would be for 2 additional kms driven, 1 km each way. The fee would apply per visit.
    We use Google maps to estimate the driving distance before the sitter drives to your home for the first time. The start address is the sitter's home, the end address is your home. When Google maps indicates the distance is greater than 15 km, the fee is itemized as an estimate in our quote (if you are a new client) or in our reservation confirmation (if you are a returning client).
    The estimate is confirmed when the sitter drives to your home the first time, e.g. for the meet & greet consultation. Details of the actual distance and fee are then emailed to you.
  Our professional sitter assigned to provide you and your pet(s) with our services must undertake a compulsory 30- to 45-minute preliminary consultation if you are a new client.
  If you are a returning client, you are not required to undergo this consultation but may opt to do so if the sitter doing the assignment is new to you.
  We complete and sign a Professional Sitting Service Agreement with every new client prior to any service taking place. A new Agreement is sometimes completed and signed with a returning client if, for example, the client has moved or has a new pet. The Agreement takes effect upon signature by the client and the sitter, and remains in effect until cancelled by either party. The Agreement outlines the start and end dates through which we will provide our services. Many clients choose to leave the end date section of the Agreement incomplete, allowing the Agreement to remain "open" and serve for multiple assignments or ongoing (repeating) services. All services are governed by the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement. We commit to fully and professionally provide services that were agreed upon in a signed Agreement.
  All visits normally take place between 8 AM and 8 PM (visits earlier than 8 AM or later than 8 PM are possible; see early or late visits, and overnight stays below; an additional fee may apply).
  We will make every effort to follow the routine of each pet under our care and to visit your home when you specify. However, we may on occasion need to give priority to another client's pet that has medical needs. While traffic, inclement weather, and emergencies may alter the start time at which we are supposed to visit your home, any delay beyond 1&½ hours should not be expected.
  Providing care to a pet on a daily basis is one of our values since it is important for the care/nurture of a pet and also for the safety/security of a pet and home. We insist on exercising due diligence when caring for a pet and home, which means each pet in our custody and control must receive a minimum of one visit in each 24 hour period during your absence (this applies to cats and/or any small animal that may be autonomous for several days when provided lots of food and water).
If you do not wish to have us visit your home every day during your absence, you must:
  1. attest that alternate arrangements have been made for someone else to visit your home in lieu of us;
  2. provide the name and contact information of the other person who will provide care jointly with us;
  3. ensure that the other person will make an entry on our Daily Diary form each day he/she visits that we do not; and
  4. release us from any damage that may arise as a result of the other person's negligence.
We can visit your home for durations of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes, or longer by adding 15-minute increments. A 15-minute visit is a quick visit, and a 30-minute visit is the most common duration chosen by our clients, while the 45- and 60-minute visits are growing in popularity and each have a slight additional charge for the extra time.
We can visit your home from 1 to 4 times per day on the days we visit, or more often if you desire. The frequency you choose depends on your personal preference, which should be guided by the type and number of pets you have, and what you believe would be the best care for your pet or pets.
If you need our services before or after our normal hours of service, or overnight, we will gladly try to accommodate you. Our ability to do so will however depend on the availability and willingness of your sitter. Please be sure to let us know as early as possible if you need this accommodation, so we can quickly notify your sitter and allow him/her to make the necessary adjustments to his/her schedule so you can be accommodated. A surcharge normally applies for early and late visits.
Every pet in your home will be considered to be under our care. This includes cats that are left dry food to eat over a few days and small pets like hamsters or turtles that some would say not to bother with. We believe that not caring for an animal is ethically wrong and generally poor pet care practice. We insist on being careful when you are away and to care for every pet in a home we are responsible for.
We requires 2 keys or 2 sets of keys to a home in case of an accidental lock-out or in case your sitter becomes unavailable to carry our any scheduled visit due to illness or a personal emergency.
Alert : keys

Be certain that the keys you provide us, especially if new,
function as intended.

Do not engage a lock on the door we will use if you did not
give us a key for it.

We accept garage door openers / codes but house keys are always required in case of a power outage or any other unforeseen event that prevents us from using your garage as an entrance to your home.
If your sitter is required to employ a locksmith to gain entry to your home due to a malfunction of the key or lock, or your failure to leave 2 keys or 2 sets of keys (emphasis on 2), we require that you give us authority to employ a locksmith on your behalf if the sitter is locked out, and that your reimburse us for the related costs incurred.
We require that you provide or make arrangements to provide free, accessible parking for the sitter's vehicle, or to reimburse the sitter directly for parking-related costs incurred by the sitter.
After you return home and if we are providing you with our fixed-time services, you must telephone your sitter or our office within 2 hours of arriving home to avoid being charged for any unnecessary visit. Without your call, we assume you are late and take the following steps...
    1. If you do not call us to let us know you arrived home, your sitter will try to call you or your emergency contact or your carrier (e.g. airline) and, if unable to establish your whereabouts, will continue to visit your home according to the visit schedule you requested.
    2. If you call us to let us know you will be late and need your sitter to make one or more additional visit, we will gladly accommodate you and make the additional visit(s).
    In both these cases, our goal is to ensure the continued health and safety of your pet(s), and the security of your home. A surcharge above our regular rates may apply per visit.
We cannot reimburse you for a visit that is not needed if you return home early. We set time aside for visits and cannot make a new appointment with another client in your neighbourhood for a visit during the same timeslot. We thank you for your understanding.
We accept MasterCard, Visa, Interac Email Money Transfer, cash, personal cheques, money orders, pre-authorized monthly debits from your personal savings or chequing bank account (conditions and a fee per debit apply), and BMO direct payment (online, telephone, and ATM). 
Cash, personal cheques, or money orders may be given to sitters, or left in your home for sitters to pick up, or mailed to our office (do not send us a cash by regular mail).
  For your protection, credit card payments are processed through the Bluewave Pet Sitter website and credited directly and immediately to your account.
  To ensure the information you enter on the Internet cannot be abused, Bluewave uses a security protocol called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt information you enter before it is sent over the Internet for processing. SSL prevents eavesdropping and ensures data integrity during communications.
  Sometimes, credit card authorizations fail because of an incorrect expiry date, incorrectly entered credit card number or an incorrectly entered security code/CVS number. Entering the wrong billing address information can also cause the authorization to fail. Your billing address should be entered exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. If all your billing information looks correct, and your order fails to authorize, please contact your credit card provider for further assistance. Or, you can always place your order again using a different credit card.
Fixed-time services, and Ongoing services of 1 month or less — we ask for a 50% deposit for each assignment, before the sitter's first visit.
Ongoing services of more than 1 month — we ask for a deposit based the frequency that you choose to make your payments:
    1. if paying every week, the deposit is needed for one week; or
    2. if paying every two weeks, the deposit needed is for two weeks; or
    3. if paying every month, the deposit needed is for one month.
  Ongoing payments for ongoing services are due in advance of services being provided and for an amount equal to 1 week's or 2 weeks’ or 1 month's worth of services, depending on the frequency you choose to pay.
  We ask that you make your final payment within 7 days of our last visit or within 7 days of receiving our invoice, whichever comes first.
  We charge an annual interest rate of 30% for any outstanding balance (0.08219% daily). Addition of the charge to the amount owing starts on the 15th day following the last visit of an assignment. To calculate the interest amount: (amount owing) X (number of days the amount has been owed) X (0.0008219). A $25 fee applies for any personal cheque returned NSF.

No additional assignment will be undertaken until full payment of the
previous assignment(s) is paid in full, including any fee(s).

  If we need to initiate collection proceedings on your account, you will be held responsible for any and all fees or costs related to the collection action.
  Unless for a visit you cancelled because you returned home early, we never submit an invoice, or add an item to an invoice, for a service were did not provide.
We realize your plans may change. However, please understand that we go through considerable effort to organize and be in a position to provide you with our services in a professional and timely manner. When we set time aside for visits to your home, it means we are not in a position to make appointments with any other client in your neighbourhood during that same timeslot. We therefore request advanced notice of a cancellation and charge or provide a credit for a last-minute cancellation, as follows.
Service Terms
  Ongoing Service
  48 hours notice
or more
less than
48 hours notice
for a visit during a
● Dog walk
● Puppy paws visit
● Dental care
● Medical care
charged for visit and amount becomes a credit that expires in one year charged for visit and no credit is given 50% of the deposit is forfeited
  Fixed-Duration Service
  2 weeks' notice
or more
less than
2 weeks' notice
for a visit during a
● Pet & house
deposit becomes credit that expires in 1 year deposit is forfeited 50% of the deposit is forfeited
● Early return
Visits not needed will not be refunded
● Ready Key Registration fee will not be refunded
● Pre-home arrival
Any cost incurred by us will not be refunded
  We reserve the right to deny service or terminate service for any reason, especially for safety concerns, financial reasons, due to unsanitary conditions, and/or because the sitter was placed in an inappropriate or uncomfortable situation. If this happens, you will receive a refund for any visit we do not make.
  If a personal situation, scheduling emergency, illness or injury arises and prevents your sitter from fulfilling the each visit you requested, we will ensure that another qualified sitter completes each visit.
  Each pet under our care depends on us for its health and safety, and you depend on us to ensure that in your absence. To support our sitters and help them know exactly what to be on the look out for and exactly what to do when an emergency arises, we developed one of the industry's best emergencies handbook. We are fully prepared in case of an emergency!
  To help us manage a medical emergency involving your pet, we insist that you inform your Veterinarian that you are using our services and that you make payment arrangements in advance (including specifying the maximum amount you are prepared to pay to stabilize your pet's condition if we are unable to contact you so you can make a decision about elective medical care). To facilitate the communication of this information, we will provide you with our Veterinarian Notification card free of charge and ask that you remit it to your Veterinarian.
  During an emergency, every attempt will be made to notify you regarding the situation before we seek any veterinarian care. If we are unable to reach you and time is of the essence, we will bring your pet to the Veterinarian you specified on our Agreement or, if the office of that Veterinarian is not open, to the Alta Vista Animal Hospital so that your pet's condition may be stabilized.
  Any veterinary charge incurred to provide your pet with emergency medical care must be your full responsibility. A charge will apply to cover the emergency taxiing of your pet to a Veterinarian and the sitter's time spent at the hospital.
  If, after a medical emergency has been dealt with, the Veterinarian requests a monitoring schedule that requires more visits per day that those previously arranged by you as part of the assignment, we will arrange to provide the added service. The regular rate for each additional visit will apply.
  We commit to provide our services in a reliable, caring, and trustworthy manner; to give the utmost of care when administering medication or treatment to a pet; and to give the utmost of care when tending to a plant and/or garden.
  We agree to maintain insurance coverage at all times, and - upon request - permit you to view our Certificate of Insurance.
  Any claim by you for loss or damage must be limited to the insurance coverage provided to us by our insurer at the time of the incident.
  We will not accept liability for damages, except when we are negligent or demonstrate willful misconduct. This applies: when your pet experiences a medical complication, an injury, or passes away; during emergency transportation, treatment, shelter, or care ; if any of your plants becomes infested, receives too much or too little sun exposure, or is under-watered when your instructions are followed; or when damages arise from the actions/inactions of someone else of your choosing who is not a LP&HS sitter but with whom we are sharing an assignment because you requested it.
  Please remember that animal behaviour and health can be extremely unpredictable, and that plant health is highly volatile and fragile. We will make every effort to care for these as if there were our own.
  You must ensure that a plant pot is not left in a location that could easily cause damage to your floor or furniture and that the pot / saucer is waterproof..
  You may approve or disapprove that a sitter brings his/her child for visits or his/her dog to accompany your dog for a walk. When approval is granted and the sitter's child or pet is injured during the assignment, you will not be held liable for any loss or damage.
  We strongly recommend that all dogs and cats be vaccinated, and that they receive an internal and external parasite control and prevention treatment.
  A dog or cat being sat and/or walked on an individual basis does not need to have been vaccinated or to have received monthly parasite prevention before receiving our care, but we need to know when he or she received his or her last vaccination and parasite testing.
  If a dog is registered in a group walk, he or she must have been vaccinated and must have received monthly parasite control and prevention - as would all other dogs in the group walk.
  When weather does not cooperate, we will use our best judgment to continue care for any pet and home under our care. In case of extreme weather, we will visit as soon as it is possibly safe to do so. If we are providing service during winter, please arrange to have your driveway and/or walkway leading up your front door cleared of snow so your sitter can park his/her vehicle and safely reach your home.
  Your sitter reserves the right to adjust the heat or air conditioning setting in your home if he/she believes that the health of your pet will be negatively affected unless an adjustment is made.
  You should never leave a space heater turned on while away from home. It can be a fire hazard. Your sitter will unplug any heater to protect the safety of a pet or home under our care.
  Please let us know if any other person will be or might be entering your home when they're away and we are providing our services. This is critically important and applies to friends, relatives, children, cleaning staff, or anyone else. For the safety and protection of your home and your pet(s), your sitter may call the police if anyone else tries to enter your home and that person is unknown to the sitter.
  We accept to sit aggressive pets as long as the aggressiveness of the pet does not pose a risk to the health and safety of the pet, to the sitter, or to others.
  We will make every effort to apprise ourselves of the triggers that prompt a pet to be aggressive, and to avoid those triggers during an assignment. When triggers are unknown and aggressive behaviour occurs unexpectedly, we will make every effort to manage or work around the behaviour in a manner that endeavours to assure the health and safety of the pet, the sitter, or others.
  Pets in our care are not required to have current vaccinations unless they are aggressive or unless participating in group walks. If a sitter is bitten or otherwise exposed to any disease due to your pet's bite, you may be held liable for damages. Any dog or cat bite must be reported to local authorities as provided for in city by-laws.
  An aggressive pet surcharge may apply for overly-aggressive behaviour, assessed on a per-visit basis and dependent upon the criteria outlined below. Given the unpredictable nature of pet behaviour, the surcharge may be added to an invoice after the assignment has started even if it was not included in a quote or reservation confirmation prior to the start of the assignment.
Mild ● The trigger(s) that prompt(s) a pet to display
   aggressive behaviour is(are) known and can
   be avoided by the sitter.
● The pet hisses, growls or barks, during most
   of the visit but does not lunge or attack (unless
● Sitter can undertake all house and pet sitting
   tasks and needs to stay mildly alert and to
   monitor the pet while doing them.
Moderate ● The trigger(s) that prompt(s) a pet to display
   aggressive behaviour is(are) not known and
   cannot be avoided by the sitter.
● The pet hisses, growls or barks, during most
   of the visit, and lunges or attacks at least once
   during the visit.
● Sitter can undertake all house and pet sitting
   tasks and needs to stay moderately alert and
   to monitor the pet while doing them.
Severe ● The trigger(s) that prompt(s) a pet to display
   aggressive behaviour is(are) not known and
   cannot be avoided by the sitter.
● The pet hisses, growls or barks, during most
   of the visit, and lunges or attacks on a regular
   basis during the visit.
● Sitter needs to take precautions and cannot
   undertake all house and pet sitting tasks even
   if he/she stays very alert and monitors the
   pet while doing them.
● Sitter is only able to provide basic/minimal
   care, such as giving food and water, before
   leaving the house.
  It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your pet by securing any area of your home or yard that the pet may have access to. This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates and latches. We will not accept liability for any injury your pet experiences while in your home or in your yard, nor will we be held liable for any damage done by your pet to your home or property. Your sitter will attempt to clean up any "accident" that is found but if one is not found we will not accept liability for any damage caused as a result. A surcharge may apply for any excessive time spent by your sitter to clean up your pet's elimination.
  When in our care, we will not accept liability for a cat that is injured, lost or passes away as a consequence of roaming freely outside. For your cat's safety, we will not take or let your cat outdoors when you are away unless he/she is harnessed.
  When in our care, your dog must be on a leash when outside except for when secured in your yard (the yard must be fenced). If you use invisible fencing and insist that we let your dog outside without a leash, we will accept your terms but you must be aware of the risks: fences and collars may malfunction, a dog may be excited or frightened by something and cross the fencing barrier, and the fencing does not prevent another animal from entering the yard and possibly harming the dog under our care. We will not accept liability for any injury, illness, loss, or death of a dog because of invisible fencing.
  Protecting the privacy information of every client, their pets, their property is not an abstract concept; it's simple consideration, respect and courtesy.


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