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We honour our rates
  We publish our rates as a matter of transparency and integrity.

Rates may change without notification; changes will be published on our rates page.

The cost for our services vary depending on factors such as the type and number of pets, and the type and frequency of service requested.

We honour the rates in our quotes to new clients and in our our reservation confirmations to returning clients.

When a signed Professional Sitting Service Agreement has an end date, we honour our rates during the assignment to which the Agreement applies.

When a signed Professional Sitting Service Agreements does not have an end date (i.e. it is open-ended and would be in force during future assignments), we honour our rates cited in our reservation confirmation and on a per-assignment basis.
  When an additional travel fee is not specified, our rates include two components:  
  1. a guaranteed 15-, 30-, 45-, or 60-minute stay at a client's home (undertaking any mix of the core and value-added services we provide), plus
  2. the time and resources (vehicle and gas) to drive up to 30 km (round trip getting to and from a client's home).
  We do not advertise our services in a manner that lures clients into contacting us under false pretenses, such as advertising erroneously low prices to appeal to clients and beat out the competition, and then be in a position to offer services at a much higher rate while citing one reason or another for the change. We view this ― what is traditionally known as the bait & switch advertising ― as a fundamentally unethical practice.

If we advertise price ranges, clients should recognize they may not automatically receive the lower price advertised.

If we offer limited-time discounts or specials on our rates, we will also publish an expiry date. We are not bound to honour the discounts or specials after that date.

One of the ways we ensure no advertising deception occurs is to require all new clients to submit quote requests and all returning clients to submit reservation requests.


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