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Meet & Greet




This important consultation is the first opportunity you will have to meet your new sitter – the person who will care for your pet(s) and home based on your needs. It is also an important occasion when your pet or pets and sitter will become acquainted with one another for the first time.  

We are pleased to provide this outline to help you prepare for the consultation and be ready in advance about what to expect.


The Meet & Greet consultation is one of the key components of our Quality assurance - standards of excellence commitment.

If you have any questions about information below, please feel free to email us at or call our office at
    613-266-2697 in Ottawa
    1-800-913-7290 (PAW0).

It will be our pleasure to assist you and answer your questions.

Our consultation process

We make every effort to accommodate the date and time preferences of a client when scheduling a Meet & Greet consultation. The consultation typically lasts from 30 to 45 minutes.
We endeavour to conduct the Meet & Greet consultation during daylight hours whenever possible. This provides us with an opportunity to see what the premises look like, and to be in a better position to know if anything looks out of place when we provide our services later on.
During the Meet & Greet consultation the following takes place:
  A. One (or more) Emergency Contact Notification card(s) will need to be completed and signed. You will need to remember to remit the card(s) to your emergency contact(s) before the assignment.
  B. The Veterinarian Notification card will need to be completed and signed. You will need to remit the card to your veterinarian before the assignment begins - we cannot emphasize enough the importance of doing so in case of an emergency. You may want to start thinking about the $ limit you will authorize for veterinarian treatment in case of an emergency. If this topic is difficult for you, your sitter can provide you with some guidance and direction.
  C. If applicable, the Permission to Administer Medication(s) and/or Medical Treatment, Addendum to the Agreement, will need to be reviewed, completed, and signed.
  D. If your home has a security alarm system, please ensure we are provided access and that you notify your alarm monitoring company of our upcoming visits to your home.
  E. You may want to start thinking about whether you would like to keep the Agreement's service period open-ended to provide for future assignments.
  F. If you do not have a Pet First Aid Kit, you might want to think about purchasing one from us.
  Takes place so we identify the location of the following:
  A. Each pet’s favourite hiding place(s).
  B. Pet First Aid Kit.
  C. Garbage can(s) and garbage bags.
  D. Fuse box, thermostat, water and gas shut off valves, cleaning supplies and paper towels – you should ensure these are easily accessible.
  E. Pet supplies (food, treats, leash, grooming tools, First Aid Kit, carrier, medicine, litter box, etc.). You may want to ensure you have a spare collar, leash / harness for each pet in case of emergency.
  A. We will present you with the following documents and endeavour to answer any question you may have:
    i. About us.
ii. Membership certificat.
    iii. LP&HS Emergencies Handbook.
iv. Pet First Aid & CPR certificate.
    v. Insurance certificate.
    vi. Quality Assurance - Standards of Excellence commitment.
    vii. Reference lettres.
  B. We will/may provide you with copies of the following:
    i. Our business card ― we encouraging you to take it with you when away from home in case you need to contact us.
    ii. Our brochure ― to share with a neighbour, work colleague, friend, or family member who has one (or more) pet(s) and who might benefit from our services.
    iii. Vacation checklist ― if required.
  A. You will need to provide us with 2 sets of keys to your home, and we will test each before leaving. If you do not intend to sign up for our Ready Key program, please start thinking about whether you will want us to return the keys (a fee applies, please see our rates page) or if you will pick them up from us. We need 2 sets of keys in case of an accidental lock-out or in case a sitter is unavailable due to illness or an emergency. For more information about keys: see the keys, garage door openers & security codes section on our procedures page; and our Key Policy.
  B. We can review the features and benefits of our Ready Key program and provide you with an opportunity to enroll.
  C. If you decide to enroll in our Ready Key program, you may complete and submit our online Ready Key Enrollment form now, or complete a printed form that your sitter can provide.
  If applicable, you will be informed of the actual driving distance to your home from the sitter's home, if that distance is greater than 15 km; this information will subsequently be confirmed by email and reflected on future invoicing. An additional driving distance fee applies if the distance is greater than 15 km.
  A. A 50% deposit is required to reserve our services for an assignment, and must be paid as follows:
    i. Fixed-duration service
Meet & Greet takes place, or Reservation is made Days before assignment Deposit due date
1 to 6 before the last visit
7 or more
Whichever comes first:
1. before the first visit
2. no later than 7 days after M&G, or acceptance of the reservation confirmation
    ii. Ongoing service
Clients using ongoing services for more than 1 month are required to pay their account in advance as follows:
1. If paying on a weekly basis, deposit = amount for the first week.
2. If paying every 2 weeks, deposit = amount for the first 2 weeks.
3. If paying monthly, deposit = amount for weeks 1 & 2 (at month’s end, payment will be needed for weeks 3 & 4, plus a deposit for the next month’s weeks 1 & 2).
  Some of our sitters appreciate the opportunity to be accompanied on assignments by their child of children and/or dog and you may want to start thinking if you will approve/disapprove that the sitter bringing her child or children and/or dog to your home during a visit.
  A. Both keys or sets of keys will be tested.
  B. Arming and disarming the alarm system will be tested.
  C. The garage door opener code will be tested, if applicable.


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