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Professional dog walker, dog walkers, dog walking - Professional pet sitter, pet sitters, pet sitting - Professional house sitter, house sitters, house sitting - Professional cat sitter, cat sitters, cat sitting - Professional dog sitter, dog sitters, dog sitting - Professional horse sitter, horse sitters, horse sitting - horse care. Ontario: Ottawa Region - Ottawa, Nepean, Gloucester, Arnprior, Barrhaven, Bourget, Carleton Place, Clarence-Rockland, Cornwall, Greely, Hammond, Kanata, Kemptville, Manotick, Merrickville, Metcalfe, Orleans, Ottawa, Ottawa South, Perth, Renfrew, Riverside South, Smiths Falls, Stittsville, Sudbury. Brampton - Bolton, Caledon, Georgetown. Mississauga - Clarkson-Lorne Park, Cooksville, Erin Mills and Erin Mills Central, Lakeview, Meadowvale, Port Credit, Streetsville. Quebec: Aylmer, Gatineau, Hull, Chelsea, Cantley.


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Pet First Aid Kit
Pet First Aid Kit 
We accept payment by credit card
East Ottawa
Smith Falls &
Carleton Place sitter
Orleans sitter
Stittsville &
Kanata sitter
Sudbury sitter
Toronto & North York
Downtown Ottawa
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Entrust your home & fur babies to our heartfelt care!

We've got a great team of dedicated, professional dog walkers, pet sitters, and house sitters who provide excellent care.

Our team provides dog walking, pet sitting, and house sitting services in Ottawa and Gatineau, and in Mississauga & Toronto... see our full list of services and locations for more information.

Our dog walkers, pet sitters, and house sitters visit our clients' home in blocks of 15 minutes, starting with 15 minutes and increasing to 1 hour. 30 minute visits are very popular. We can also stay overnight.
1. submit a completed quote request
2. review the free, detailed quote that we will email you
3. take advantage of our no-obligation meet & greet consultation
1. make a reservation
2. review the confirmation that we will email you
3. you may want to request a meet & greet consultation to meet a new sitter, if you moved, or have a new pet
Dog walker, pet sitter, house sitter work available
PSI Member
We're hiring .... apply online today!

  If you would like to offer our services where you live and want our support to get started, apply today!

Work with us as one of our sub-contractors. Become a dog walker, a pet sitter, and a house sitter. Have the flexibility to determine where, when, and how your work is done (as long as you respect and respond to some basic requirements and meet the needs of our clients and their pets) while earning one of the best rates for this industry.

We provide exceptional support that starts with an orientation session, on-the-job coaching, the provision of free, sophisticated tools that say "professional" and that make administrative tasks quick and easy to take on, and continues with ongoing continuing education! If you want to join our team, we want to hear from you.

Amy Shannon Leclair - Owner

Amy Shannon Leclair Owner
We value your satisfaction

Founded since 2005 and providing our services across multiple areas in Ontario.

One of Ottawa's first Professional Pet Care provider. Leading the industry with our dedication to professional pet care.

Competitively Priced 
For only $16.50, we will drive to
your home, and provide our services for a guaranteed
15 minutes.

We are highly recommended
by our many clients, by veterinarians, and by a mix of
other pet care providers in the
pet services industry.

Insured & Bonded
We are fully insured and bonded
by Binks.

Quality & Transparency
We are wholly committed to providing excellent services, and
to remaining transparent regarding our services, rates, policies and procedures.

Pet Friendly & Reliable 
We love pets and make pet care
our #1 priority.

It is easy to receive our help!
Reach us online, by phone or email.

We wrote an Emergencies Handbook, have First Aid training and 24/7 access to Vet help.

We value your satisfaction
We guarantee the duration of each visit, and the number of visits per day. We also guarantee that the care will be provided by a skilled, reliable, and compassionate individual. If, however and for any reason, you are dissatisfied with our quality of service, we will do what is necessary to make it right and assure your satisfaction.

Let us walk your dog or dogs
$16.50 for a 15-minute dog walk
For a very hearty
15-minute walk

add $5.50 to stretch
the walk to 30 minutes
Give your dog exercise and add years of life ... With cold days behind us, its time to start thinking of getting dogs back into shape and nothing says that more than exercise outside good walks, your dog needs them!

Lack of activity is a fact of modern life for canines as much as humans. Nature designed us both for constant activity but we no longer toil for hours tilling the soil by hand. Dinner waits for us in the microwave, while our companion dogs no longer spend the day running down wild animals; food magically appears in their bowls.

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Equine & Hobby Farm Care
Did you know we have sitters in the Kemptville, Clarence-Rockland, and surrounding areas that can care for your horses or hobby farm animals while you are away on vacations or to shows? Learn More 
Horse Blue Doors 
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We Love All Breeds

Loving Paws & House Sitting does not discriminate!

Any Dog, Any Breed, Raised Wrong, Can be Dangerous!



It puts the blame on the dogs, not the owners who raise & teach them

It doesn't take into account
the dog's personality and actual behaviour

It punishes the good dogs, forcing them to wear a muzzle

Labeling some dogs as dangerous may make them more attractive to irresponsible owners

BSL has not been proven to reduce nor prevent dog bites

It ignores the fact that other dog breeds do attack people

We support Rescues!
Ottawa Humane Society
Help us raise funds for the OHS ─ donate on our fundraiser page
 LP&HS  - OHS My Fundraider Page
Proud supporter of
the Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit - CVSDUt   

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