What clients said about our pet sitting, dog walking, and house sitting services

Providing references is one of the key components of our quality assurance & standards of excellence commitment. Below are highlights of testimonials we've received over the years - the most recent are at the top - together with photos of some friends we made along the way.  


  C L I C K   H E R E


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I chose a home-care pet sitting service is because I wanted to find someone who would be able to handle multiple pets - some with medical issues - and not worry about their safety and well-being while I was gone. And since my dog can be quite nervous and does not get along with dogs he doesn't know, I felt that a kennel would not be an appropriate setting for him. Loving Paws and Lynn not only met all of my pets' needs.



Thank you for the excellent care of Kerinski and our home, while we were away. The whole process was seamless, caring and very professional - Mike was a real "cat whisperer" to our sometimes curmudgeonly 15 year old cat. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Loving Paws highly.

Marta & Ken


I used Loving Paws for 1 week in May-June 2014 and I am very satisfied with the service. My pet sitter was very nice and friendly. Nahla warmed up to her very fast. I felt secure leaving Nahla in her care. She was very polite and professional and answered all my questions. I would definitely use Loving Paws in the future and recommend them to anyone.



On February 1, 2014, while I was out of town, fate took my cat, Katie, from me Ė too suddenly and too soon. Laurin deserves special mention as she went above and beyond the call of tending to Katie. Although my sweet girl did not survive, I know that Laurin did everything right. I am forever grateful. Loving Paws is a tight team of professional men and women who genuinely love all the pets in their care.



Loving Paws is truly an outstanding service. My cat Lily clearly loved her sitter, Naomi, who right off the bat at the Meet & Greet had such a great rapport with her! When I returned home, it was very clear that Lily was happy
girl, had eaten well and had fun with



Maxine has taken care of our 2 cats, Cagney and Lacey, 3 times over the last year. She takes wonderful care of them and our home. We are able to leave our aging animals and enjoy our time away knowing that they are both in good hands. She goes above and beyond including the grooming of 2 somewhat temperamental girls. We plan on calling on her again and would recommend the Loving Paws service without hesitation.

Pam & Tina


We thoroughly enjoyed our family vacation knowing that Tamara was there to look after our pet. It was obvious from the meet and greet that Tamara was knowledgeable about pet care and had an overall love for animals. We will not hesitate to use Tamara & Loving Paws again for our pet needs. Thank you.



We had Corine and Val take care of our two cats on several occasions and were very happy with both of them. I felt so much better about going away knowing that my cats were well cared for. They were both great with our cats and when we came home each time both of our cats were happy and our place looked great as well. Will definitely use this service whenever we go away. Thanks!



I was impressed with the fact that Valerie had purposely and thoughtfully walked on my driveway after a snowfall in order to leave footprints, so that it did not appear that no one was home. When completing surveys, I rarely rate everything as Excellent, but you really deserve it!



Iíve always had friends to take care of Cano and Fiesta, my two cats. Unfortunately I could not have that service anymore due to circumstances. I was very worried about what was I going to do on my next trip. Not used of having strangers taking care of my house and pets, I got worried. I searched the Web and eventually found Loving Paws to care for my cats and home. What a relief! The professionalism of Loving Paws and Anna quickly turned eased my mind. Now I donít have to worry about leaving because Loving Paws is there for me and my cats.



I used Loving Paws in June and July 2013. My wife and I were looking for someone to look after our boys Thumper and Yoda. Loving Paws was recommended by a friend as he uses them often when he goes away. I met with Melissa and had a great meet and greet and had a good experience with her! The online diary option was amazing! I was able to get updates on how things were going and what was happening. We even got a welcome home card! I am pleased to recommend Loving Paws to anyone who needs pet care! I plan on using them again next time we go away.



Mirali was wonderful and she figured it out, although I was a little surprised that she did not have experience giving meds to cats orally. The website suggested that caregivers had capacity to administer basic meds. Mirali was great and problem solved excellently (and administered the meds!) I would have felt better knowing some training had been in place.



All the sitters I received provided my dog Charlie with excellent care. They were all dependable and reliable and Charlie enjoyed his walks every day. Most recently Charlie really enjoyed his walks along the Aviation Parkway with Valerie and her two dogs. This was great socialization for Charlie and taught him to walk properly in a pack.



Loving Paws & House Sitting has been a life or should I say sanity saver for me. Dave and I first used LP&HS a few years on recommendation of a friend. We were very happy with the results and another trip to PEI this Sept gave us the chance to use their services again. I have extolled the wonderful care and service to friends and acquaintances at every opportunity.




Sue has taken care of my 4 cats on 5 occasions thus far. On every occasion, she has maintained a high level of communication and has provided thoughtful and loving service for my cats. Sue even brought my cats some much needed toys. I would definitely recommend her for any cat sitting or house sitting position.





We were very satisfied with the care that Sue took of our two cats and our house. She approached all aspects of the Loving Paws service in a professional manner. And it was clear that she understood and liked animals. We had absolutely no misgivings about leaving either cats or house in her hands.



Our cat is a friendly calico cat that we adopted. She enjoyed her holidays without the dog! Anna provided her care in July 2012. The experience was excellent and we were very satisfied. We like the peace of mind, and knowing that our pet and house are in good care. We wholeheartedly recommend the service!



We really appreciated that our house-sitter (Anna) put out the recycling and garbage, and that she checked for ants,  we had a few just before leaving town! Awesome service, once again.  Thank you!



I loved the services! It was truly excellent I'd recommend it anytime! My boys where obviously happy and healthy when I returned home - thanks again for the great service! 







I had never used a pet sitting service before but with an older catís health needs, it was clear I needed someone who would be knowledgeable as to how to care for him, in our absence. After obtaining your name from our vet, I made an appointment and was very impressed with the process. I would recommend Loving Paws anytime and will say for certain that weíll be happy to use your services again, thank you!



We recently had occasion to utilize the services of Loving Paws for our five cats and our tropical fish. From the initial contact with the organization via the Internet, we had a sense of confidence and security. Loving Paws is professional, extremely well organized and thorough. The initial intake covers virtually anything and everything that might occur during an absence.




I just want to express our enormous appreciation for the excellent care you provided for Rocky. We could tell when we arrived back this weekend that he had been well taken care of. He seemed great.....healthy, relaxed, and well-groomed.




I would like to share my excellent experience with your company, and Anna who took care of my two girls, Jasmine and Luna. Prior to my trip I Googled for a service that would be safe and I could trust to take great care of my babies. It is a Godsend to have found Loving Paws & House Sitting. 





I have not met John personally, as I have always been at work when he comes, but my Mother has told me that Doogal runs to the door when he sees John and has made quite the bond with him. I have nothing but excellent things to say about Loving Paws and House Sitting & House Sitting team.



Our sitter, Amanda B. went above and beyond her duties with our cat, Roary. When I read her Diary Notes, it was obvious that she not only fed and changed his litter, but she played and bonded with him too. He was so relaxed and calm when we returned home! She did a fantastic job and I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone. 

Amanda F.



We would like to thank Joanne, and Loving Paws & House Sitting, immensely for the care, kindness and consistent tenderness provided for Ali. Loving Paws & House Sitting is a dependable and professionally managed pet service and we sincerely thank all of you.




Kimberly is working out wonderfully and I am very impressed with her level of service. She is a very sweet and kind young lady and Casper and I have really taken to her. 





I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how very, very much Calvin, the cats, and I enjoy Diane. She is, simply put, an absolute Godsend. She is honest, reliable, patient and kind and truly seems to love Calvin, Parker, and Josephine, as much (or close to as much) as I do. They love her, too.



We have observed since hiring LP&HS that Sally is a different cat when we return home. She is playful and thrilled to see us. There is always a report on the counter with daily entries describing how Sally has been while we were away. We highly recommend LP&HS, an organization that truly cares, to look after your pet and home while you travel.

David and Marion


My cats are getting older, and I worry about placing them in kennels or burdening my friends by asking to feed them. Not only were my precious ones taken care of, but the mail was brought in and all-over security checks were made.



LP&HS recently took care of our two cats, Oscar and Jeffy, when we were away on holidays. It gave us such peace of mind to know they were getting affection and care. We felt happy that they could stay in their own home and not have the stress of being in unfamiliar surroundings.




Mittenz & Misha

This is the first time that I use your services and I was a bit nervous leaving my boys, Mittenz and Misha, behind. I'm very happy to have my boys looked after while I was away. Peace of mind is worth a million bucks.



Essentially, the whole experience was professional and positive. I find it stressful to find someone to care for my pets who is also affordable. Your service provided great value and great pet care. I will definitely use Loving Paws & House Sitting again.



Caramel & Misha

I'm the type who worries when I leave them alone and now I know I can count on Loving Paws & House Sitting when I go away in the future, which is a big thing for me.



Tabitha & Zelda

I have been a client of Loving Paws & House Sitting since 2007, one year after Tabitha and Zelda became part of my family. Your service is so professional and well organized that I would never hesitate to recommend you to others. In fact, I have already on two occasions.



Mick & Ti-Bebe

We had never used a cat sitter before and how pleased we were to find Loving Paws & House Sitting ... Thank you for peace of mind while we were away and for such professional service.




Thank you very much for taking such good care of our animals during our absence ... I would be more than happy to serve as a positive client reference in future or to provide a glowing review of our satisfaction with the overall pet sitting experience provided.





When I returned from my trips, Nerys looked great and content. It's reassuring to know that Anna will be back to care for Nerys during my next trip. I would recommend her cat care services to anyone lucky enough to live in her service area.




What I didn't expect when I first contacted LP&HS were the extras ... such as putting out the garbage and watering plants. Our sitter came to our rescue and provided us with peace of mind and a high quality level of professional



Tao & Percy

From the first meeting of John and my shy, timid cats it was instant attraction from them to him. I was so amazed how he had them coming up to him. I like the great care and online service which makes things easier.


Lily & Lilac 

Melanie was a fantastic cat sitter for our two cats and various fish! She offered us a peace of mind when we were away. We knew that we would come home to two happy cats!



We appreciated Dianeís help when we were away for almost three weeks. Our cat, Tache, was happy and healthy when we arrived home, and our house was very neat and tidy. Thanks, again, to Diane.

Marilyn and Rick


John arranged my mail into categories, which made it really easy for me to get through it all quickly. I was just thinking how nice it was of John to have taken the time to do that. He has been an amazingly reliable person over the years and I am very appreciative to have had such a reliable person as the custodian of my property and my pets.



 Jack Eva Tim

MaxJessica once made an last- minute dinner visit when were away. We were gone and forgot to ask her to feed the cat's dinner that night. She visited them. We were so grateful for her quick response to our frantic call for help!  

 T E S T I M O N I A L S   A R C H I V E


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