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Camelot is our first Brussels Griffon.

He was born in Calgary and was flown to our home in Ottawa in June 2006.

Most persons relate to his breed from a 1997 movie starring Jack Nicholson called "As Good As It Gets" - the dog in that movie was called "Verdell" and was a Brussels Griffon.

Amy Shannon, President & CEO of Loving Paws & House Sitting, dreamt of having a "Griff" friend since she was 14 years old. So Camelot couldn't come soon enough.

As a Brussels Griffon, Camelot is known for his quaint personality that is full of character and not just for his charming good looks. He brings a lot of love to the household. He is very gallant, gentle, playful, well-mannered, and a wonderful cuddle buddy.

Camelot plays many games and participated in many activities like going to the cottage, going on weekend road trips to wine country, running errands, swimming in the pool, playing chase and tug with the oven mitt and his many toys.

The toy Camelot probably loves the most is the little helicopter. There are several videos of him chasing after it – it’s very entertaining to watch him try to catch and play with it, and it’s rewarding seeing the joy it brings him.

Camelot also enjoys attending the Ottawa Humane Society’s Annual Wiggle Waggle Walkathon because he loves to meet new friends.

With each passing day, Camelot grows more attached to his furry sister, Briella, the latest addition to the family.  
Briella is the newest companion to the family; she's also a Brussels Griffon, born in Victoria, BC.

She arrived by flight in Toronto in January 2011.

Camelot showed great interest in Briella when he first met her in Toronto where we all went to pick her up as a family.

Briella does share similar personality traits with Camelot; however, she is also very different even though they are the same breed and are distant relatives.

Briella is playful, social, full of energy, and has some sassiness too, all with a curious appetite for exploring the house and yard. One funny thing about Briella is that she took over the gardening responsibilities. She loves to chew leaves and eat dirt and dead worms. A behaviour Amy Shannon, President & CEO of Loving Paws & House Sitting, hopes she will abandon like Camelot did.

While Camelot may have appeared to feel slightly threaten by Briella’s place in our family at first, we know he realizes she’s not here for just a play date, or to take his place in the family hierarchy.

Briella and Camelot quickly became best friends and play like crazy together. She’s certainly not shy to steal toys away from Camelot or give him some sassy attitude if he doesn’t let her win more often. Together they make the most adorable pair when they sit quietly on the carpet, side by side, looking at and waiting for Amy Shannon to give them the "Okay" and "Come" commands.

Briella is a fun loving, and wonderful new addition to our family. We look forward to seeing more of her personality traits emerge while we watch her grow.

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