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Amy Shannon Leclair
Hello, my name is Amy Shannon and I worked as a Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) in the biggest Canadian animal hospital from September 2000 to December 2006. 

As a PCC I learned to become a proficient liaison between pet parents and their Veterinarians, to give pet parents health updates for their hospitalized pets, and to share extensive home care instructions with pet parents for homeward-bound pets. 

I also acquired important organization skills by working to ensure all services and medical care provided in the hospital where properly coordinated, and by following through with each pet to ensure hospital services needed were indeed provided.

Prior to becoming a PCC I obtained an honours diploma in Animal Health Sciences. While working as a PCC I also worked to ensure a high quality of standard regarding my animal health skills; I took many courses covering topics such as first aid, CPR, and Zoonotic immunization, dental care. My current goal is to obtain my Hill's veterinarian nutritional advocate certificate.

I have had a passion and love for animals ever since I was a little girl. While I had intended to pursue my education in Veterinary medicine, I decided instead to work more closely with Pets and pet parents by providing professional service to pet parents and tender loving care to pets. I strongly believe in the special bond between a pet and pet parents, and nurturing this bond has become the central force motivating me for many years and today as the founder of Loving Paws & House Sitting.

It should also be noted that I have years of experience fostering, rescuing and rehabilitating ill and injured pets; experience I obtained from my local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

My husband and I share our home with two wonderful dogs: Camelot, and Briella, who both provide us with company and unconditional love. We only hope we give them as much in return as they give us. 

With all my passion and love for animals and my attention to details, I would greatly welcome the opportunity to assist you in the care of your pets.
Amy Shannon Leclair
President & CEO

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