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Reasons to join our team and earn a good income

Work with us as one of our sub-contractors by driving to the homes of our clients to provide dog walking, pet sitting, and house sitting services.

The amount of work depends on the number of requests we receive from clients for our services, and that number keeps on growing as more and more pet parents and home owners learn of our services.

We diligently maintain our website and routinely work to ensure strong Web Search Engine Optimization so that our website appears top-most on web pages for search results.

Requests for our services come from clients who come to our website and submit quote or reservation requests. We then assign the work directly to you.

All work is paid, and we pay one of the pet care industry's best rates for walking dogs, pet sitting, and house sitting. 

No purchase of any "kit" is required to work for us. We do not charge any fee as a condition of working with us. We are not a pyramid-type organization.

There is much flexibility in terms of where, when, and how work is done, as long as the needs of our clients and their pets are met, and as long as what is paid for is done (we guarantee the duration of each visit, and that the visit will take place). Most clients are easy going about the services they need. Some clients are more specific; e.g. if their pet needs medication.

Aside from a computer with internet access and a vehicle that you need to work with us, we provide everything else you need to do the work, and for free: our admin software and access to it, your insurance coverage, all the necessary printed materials, a professional leather binder for documents, an orientation session and on-the-job training, an email account, brochures and brochure stands.

We generally sponsor one major pet-related event annually; e.g. Pet Expo, and expect you will attend with us.

We put you in touch with new clients after they accept our quotes or existing clients after they reserve our services. Essentially, we pre-screen each assignment request to ensure it is valid before asking you to decide whether or not you want to take it on.

You can reduce your taxable income on your annual income tax filing with the Canada Revenue Agency by claiming eligible expenses for working as a sub-contractor, for using space where you live for office / admin work, and for using your vehicle for work.


We provide service every day of the year, especially on weekends and holidays when people tend to go away, and we pay 1.5X the normal rate for work done on a holiday.

You will interact with kind, animal-loving people who will appreciate and welcome the services you will provide, and who will trust you with their homes, belongings and their living pet(s).

You will have a territory and only be expected to drive to the homes of clients who live within typically 15-km from your home. We pay extra if you need to drive further (unless you agree to a larger territory when you join our team).

Walking dogs leads to getting exercise and the fresh are is as good for you as it is for the dogs; count on your health improving and not being stuck in a windowless office cubicle.

You will be pleasantly greeted at front doors by many pets that will be happy to see you and to also give you lots of unconditional love, affection and attention in return for just enough simple food and water, and all the play time and TLC you can afford.

You will experience improvements to your stress levels ... numerous studies show that spending time with animals is relaxing and beneficial to human health.

You will learn about pet health and what it takes to become one of the region's most respected, professional pet sitters.

You will have the opportunity to grow with us ... we are increasingly called upon for our dog walking, pet sitting, and house sitting services. We provided our services to thousands of clients in Ottawa and Gatineau since 2005 and in Mississauga since 2012. Our goal is to reach more and more communities as we move forward.

We work on a very personalized level and are always available. We answer questions and solve problems quickly, and we invite suggestions for change and improvement regularly.

We have clear and concise policies and procedures so you will never have to guess about what you should or should not do. 

We provide initial and ongoing training that starts with an orientation session, and follows with providing you with our detailed handbooks, and continues with on-the-job coaching.

We provide continuing education opportunities relating to all areas of the pet care industry.

If you love interacting with and giving care to animals ...
we and our clients ... and their pets ... can't wait to hear from you.

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